DCA x K-Circle 3.0 Giveaway Contest (ended)

📸 Announcing our Dr Clear Aligners X K-Circle 3.0 Giveaway Contest! 📸 *Contest Extended To 30th April 2023*

Are you a fan of our Dr Clear Aligners mouthwash? Here's your chance to show it off and win some amazing prizes! We're excited to announce our mouthwash creative content contest, where you can submit your most creative content featuring our product for a chance to win.

How to join:
  1. Take a creative photo/video featuring our Dr Clear Aligners mouthwash.
  2. Share your content on Instagram Story and tag us at @drclearaligners and @kcircle.official.
  3. Don't forget to include the hashtag #KdancevDCA in your post.
  4. Follow our social media accounts - @drclearaligners on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on the contest.
  5. Please ensure that your account is set to public.

The contest will run from 11th March 2023 to 30th April 2023

The top 10 most creative entries will win the following prizes:
  • 1st Prize - RM2,000 Cashback + 1x DCA Sonic Toothbrush
  • 2nd Prize - RM1,500 Cashback + 1x DCA Sonic Toothbrush
  • 3rd Prize - RM500 Cashback + 1x DCA Sonic Toothbrush
  • 7 x Consolation Prizes - 3D Intraoral Scan Voucher (worth RM350) + Spearmint Toothpaste (worth RM35) + Sachet Mouthwash (30 sachets) (worth RM108)

The winner will be announced on 5th May 2023 (Stay tuned to our Instagram Stories😉) | T&C apply.

Here are some tips for your photo submission:
  • • Show off our mouthwash in a creative way, whether it's in a unique setting or with some creative props.
  • • Use lighting and composition to make your content stand out.
  • • Be original and let your creativity shine!
  • • Increase your chances of winning by adding your post to your Instagram highlights.
  • • Multiple entries are welcome.

We can't wait to see all the amazing entries! Make sure to submit your content before the deadline for a chance to win. Good luck to all participants! 🤞

  📸 Dr Clear Aligners X K-Circle 3.0有奖竞赛开启啦!📸

您是Dr Clear Aligners口腔漱口水的粉丝吗?那就把握机会向我们展示您最具创意的内容(记得附上Dr Clear Aligners 口腔漱口水),即有机会赢取丰富奖品。

  1. 以创意照片或视频展示Dr Clear Aligners口腔漱口水。
  2. 在Instagram Story上分享您的内容,并在帖子中标记我们 @drclearaligners@kcircle.official。
  3. 别忘了在帖子中包含标签 #KdancevDCA
  4. 关注我们的社交媒体帐户(脸书Instagram) - @drclearaligners,以获取任有奖竞赛的最新消息。
  5. 请确保您的账户设置为公开状态。


  • 第一名 - RM2,000现金回扣 + 1份DCA声波牙刷
  • 第二名 - RM1,500现金回扣 + 1份DCA声波牙刷
  • 第三名 - RM500现金回扣 + 1份DCA声波牙刷
  • 7份安慰奖 - 3D口腔扫描礼(价值RM350)+ DCA牙膏(价值RM35)+ DCA漱口水 - 30条装(价值RM108)

获胜者将于2023年5月5日公布 (记得留守我们的限时动态哦😉)| 附带条款和条件
  • • 以下是您提交照片的一些小提示:
  • • 创意地展示我们的口腔漱口水,无论是在独特的环境中还是配以创意道具。
  • • 利用光线和构图让您的内容脱颖而出。
  • • 保持原创性,让您的创意闪耀!
  • • 将您的帖子添加到Instagram的“亮点”中,可以增加获胜的机会哦。
  • • 欢迎提交多个参赛作品。


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