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Exclusive Deal: UOB & Citibank Cardholder

Do you dream of a perfect smile? Thanks to an exclusive collaboration between Dr Clear Aligners and UOB/Citibank, your dream can

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How To Clean Different Types of Dental Retainers

Just like you wouldn’t put a dirty object in your mouth, you shouldn’t place a dirty retainer in there either.

How To Wear & Remove Invisible Braces | Complete Instructions

Starting your journey with clear aligners (also known as invisible braces)? Proper wear and removal techniques are essential for

A Comprehensive Guide to How Different Types of Braces Work

Everyone is familiar with braces, especially the metal ones. However, have you ever wondered how they exactly work to fix your

How To Clean Teeth After Eating

Oral hygiene maintenance plays an essential role in our life because the oral cavity is the gateway to everything we eat, drink

How to Use Chewies for Braces and Aligners

So you’ve received your Aligners. You unpack it and inside you find the Aligners, Aligner Removal Tool (that has a hooked

How Braces and Dental Implants Work Together

What do braces have to do with dental implants? How do they work together? Can you get braces with implants? Are there any

DCA x Oni Coffee: Savour & Smile KOL Appreciation Day

For the first time ever, we organised a PR exclusive event this past week, called Savour & Smile Appreciation Day and it

Teeth Misalignment: Malocclusion Types, Causes & Fixes

Are you constantly experiencing discomfort while eating, speaking, or simply dissatisfied with the way your teeth look? These

Guide to Veneer Types: Pricing, Pros & Cons

Have you ever considered getting veneers but not sure what exactly they are and how they work? Veneers are thin shells that are