Dr Clear Aligners – Aligners Removal Hook


Ease removal process of dental clear aligners

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Dr Clear Aligners – Aligners Removal Hook

Brand: Dr Clear Aligners
Material: Plastic
Color: Blue
Item Size: Approx. 7.8cm*2.8cm

Quantity: 1

1. Easy
2. Quick
3. Ergonomics
4. Hygienic
5. Comfortable Grip

Aligners Removal Hook can be used to remove the clear aligners quickly and easily, even with attachments on your teeth!
It is ergonomics as it provide a comfortable grip to effectively and intuitively remove the clear aligners.
Aligners Removal Hook is also hygienic as it provide a sanitary removal process, without using your hands.
You no longer have to worry about the struggle and embarrassment with the aligners as aligners remover hook allows you to remove your clear aligners without putting your hand into your mouth.


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