Dr Clear Aligners Chewies 1 pack (2 pcs chewies)


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Aligner Chewies 1 pack (included 2 pcs chewies)

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Aligner chewies can be used to help seat your aligner. They are soft plastic cylinders that are about the size of a cotton roll.

After you’ve put in your aligner, you can bite down on a chewie for several minutes. This repeated biting action helps your aligner to better conform to the shape of your teeth.

Chewies can help improve an aligner’s fit, using them can help ensure that your treatment proceeds as planned.

How to Use Chewies:

  1. Wear your aligners.
  2. Place your chewies between your teeth and bite down slowly.
  3. Bite thoroughly and hold for at least 5 secs before moving onto the next position.
  4. Clean your chewies with water after using them, and store them nicely in your case.


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